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Wow, I can't believe my last post on NPI blog was a whole 1 1/2 year ago. Shame on me! Today I have 2 announcements.

A while ago a NPI subscriber, Christian Schade, emailed me to let me know that he has successful published his own Kindle book, got it listed on Amazon Kindle Marketplace, and have been consistently making sales in a, IMHO, difficult niche to make money from.

I felt a moment of pride and joy when he mentioned that he got inspired by me to become a published author. I love it when people take action, rather than just talk about their next big idea. I love it even more when somebody comes back and say "Booyah! Where you at Steve?" when I fell short of my own expectation and what I had promised to do. Thank you Christian, you've inspired me to write this post and keep NPI going!

So here is Christian's book, on overcoming drinking problem. Since we all have our own addiction (playing games, gambling, smoking, etc.) I'm sure Christian's teaching in his book can help you overcome your own addiction, even if it's not a drinking one.

Check it out here:

Stop drinking and stay sober

Now, here is something for you to think about - if Christian can overcome his drinking problem and later become a published author, what's stopping you from doing the same?

As I like to say to my friends, and often in a very awakening and cruel way - ideas are dime a dozen, people who succeed are not ones with great ideas, but are those who take massive action to implement a simple idea and keep growing and building their foundation.

Here is a challenge to me: To finish my Kindle book on how we got into and out of a massive 6-figure debt in less than 2 years.

Here is a challenge to you: To become a published author in Amazon Kindle. When you are there, I will give you:

1) A shout-out to NPI subscribers like this blog you are reading to help you promote your book.

2) Free web hosting for your author blog should you choose to promote your book and establish your online presence with a blog. Having a blog/website is a great way to gain readership and fans. Mark my words, we are entering an era where personal leadership is becoming far more important to distinguish yourself from others.

Coming up...

Seems like there are more and more people sharing their income reports as a mean to attract readers. I'm contemplating on doing the same. Let me know if you will be interested to find out how much passive income I make each month by commenting below.



  1. Harcharan Singh says:

    Yes! Do tell us about your passive inome and how you made it. Hwo did you start earning it. How did you set up as an internet marketer. What you did to suceed.

    Hutch Singh

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