NPC’S Strategy In Choosing Domains

I have long thought that when you buy a domain or the web address of your site, it already comes with the features that are needed to get a site up and running. When my friend planned to set up her own food and travel site, the first thing that she did was buy a domain.  Without any background in website building, she was lost as to how to proceed. I could easily picture myself in the same situation because I also don’t have in-depth knowledge in website creation. So today, I’m sharing with you bits and pieces of information that I got from NPC on domains and hosting in the hope of giving you a simple outline when choosing your domain and hosting scheme.

Choosing your domain is crucial because it greatly affects how google and other search engines will give you traffic. Here are NPC’s  4 main guidelines when choosing your domain:

1.    Make sure that your domain will reflect what your website is. In short, do not buy if your niche is baking.
2.    Never settle for anything lessthan a .COM extension. You may have already encountered websites with other extensions such as .org, .info, .edu, .gov but no matter what, always choose .com over these because it is the extension that’s favored by many search engines.
3.    Your domain should contain your main keyword.
4.    Avoid hyphens as much as possible because it does not make a website look legitimate.

With the issue on choosing domains settled, let’s proceed now to hosting. In easier terms, hosting is the house where our website will reside. For other people to view your website, you need a hosting service so that the information that you published can be accessed by anyone. To sum it up, without a domain and a hosting package, users will never be able to view your website because these two elements always come hand in hand.

Buying a domain will usually cost you around 10 dollars and the amount that you will invest on hosting will depend upon the features of your website. If you’re a newbie like me and your target is selling information products, the most basic package will do. But if you are enrolled at NPC, you also get 15 individual domains inclusive of hosting packages. There is also a feature that you can set up your site in half an hour. The entire NPC package is really a one stop shop especially for first time internet entrepreneurs and I’m one satisfied student.


  1. Really cool post. I agree with everything except for the .COM domains being favored.

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