Passive Income Online: The Low Hanging Fruit

I want to introduce you to a publishing business model that will generate passive income for you for years to come.

I call it the 'Low Hanging Fruit' system. It is quite simple, and here is what you do (keep in mind that you will need to make an investment to get a domain and hosting):

1. Use Wordtracker's free keyword tool to find a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword, in my standard, is a keyword that gets searched in Google at least 10 to 20 times per day (300 - 600 searches a month), and has a less than 5,000 results when using the allintitle: search in Google

The tool is located at

2. Register a domain based on that keyword and get it hosted. I use because it's a bit cheaper than Godaddy.

3. Once domain and hosting is set up, write a piece of article (around 300 - 500 words in length) for that keyword.

4. Find a way to monetize the traffic. If you are lazy, then Google Adsense will do. If you are ambitious, you can create an information product based on that keyword, or find affiliate programs that fit the traffic.

5. Submit that article to article directory sites, like,, etc.

6. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the passive income.

7. Repeat steps 1 - 6 for different keywords.

When you have mastered the "low hanging fruit" system, you should be able to pick a "low hanging fruit" everyday, and build yourself a sizable passive income.

Later on I will show you how to pick "high hanging fruits" where it does take a little bit of time to get it, but once you got it, well, it's extra sweet!


  1. Thanks for these usefull information Steven, but how can you find the right keyword, and do you have to advertise your site with adwords using these keywords?

    Keep going on.

  2. Steven Chang says:

    Sorry I should have clarified. The keyword research bit is to find keywords that you can easily rank high for in Google, not for PPC purpose (although you can, and it won’t hurt).

    Here is what I do for keyword research. I look around the house, or think of a topic in my mind, then I type that word in Wordtracker tool.

    Then I go down the list of keywords that it came up with and click on the rightmost icon which will pop up a competition/Google trend estimate for that keyword. You can use the < 30,000 competition and > 100 searches/day guideline it gives you as a starting point.

    So, if you want to follow along, I’m looking around right now and I see computer speakers in front of me. I type “computer speakers” in the keyword research tool, and it came back with this list (partial):

    1,328 searches (top 100 only)
    Searches Keyword G
    1,328 total searches
    418 computer speakers
    73 wireless computer speakers
    70 best computer speakers
    43 bose computer speakers
    31 speaker computer
    20 computer speaker reviews
    18 computer speaker
    17 klipsch computer speakers
    15 logitech computer speakers

    Start going down the list and click on the icon in the “G” colulmn. You will see that “computer speakers” gets searched over 3,000 times a day, but it also has over 3,000,000 webpages that are targeting that keyword! So it’s very competitive.

    Let’s try another one. How about “wireless computer speakers” Nice! This is a good “low hanging fruit” keyword with over 130 searches per day, and 17,000 webpage results.

    The next keyword is also good, “best computer speakers”

    I would actually like someone to actually go out and register a domain for those keywords, and either monetize it with Google Adsense, Amazon, or eBay auctions, and see how it goes.

    More to come later…

  3. Just to satisfy my curiosity, what do you mean when you say, “monetize with…..Amazon, or eBay auctions?” I get the AdSense , but I don’t get that. Great article. Thanks in advance.

  4. I enjoyed the information and was wondering if you are saying to build a one page site with just the one article? I’m a little confused on that step.


  5. Steven Chang says:

    Mr. Soap Man,

    Amazon, eBay (and many other merchants) have affiliate programs. Just Google “{merchant name} affiliate program” and you should be able to find them. Or try to find the link directly from their websites.


    Thanks, I enjoy sharing my experience :). Sorry, I don’t mean to say build one page per site. You could have many pages for one site, but when you try to get backlinks, don’t always link to your domain, try linking back to some of the inner pages as well.

    In other words, you could have multiple top 10 rankings in the search engines for your main page, and for each of your webpage in your site.

    Hope that clears it up,

  6. Is allintitle better then using double quotes?

  7. Steven Chang says:


    I like allintitle: over double quotes because allintitle returns only webpages where the title tag contains that keyword phrase.

    It gives me a more accurate measure of competition – webmasters who put the keyword in the title tags most likely are going after that keyword – it’s also the most basic on-page search engine optimization.


  8. did anyone do a test on this yet ? would love to hear the results


  9. Steven Chang says:


    This is a proven model that I use everyday. This is essentially a simplified publishing business that you are building.


  10. Hi Steven

    This is a great little article. I would love it if you came up with a detailed report on this. When you say write an article i take that as meaning with a free article directory? Then submit that same article to the numerous other aricle directory’s for back link purposes?

    So what would be the main content of the site that gets all these back links – Just monetize the whole site with adverts and links?
    or would you create something key word specific to go on the site like an article promoting a specific product etc?

    One last thing – what would you consider the most efficient and easiest ways to back link the keyword specific site? Article dir, forums, free ad sites?…



  11. Steven Chang says:

    Hey Alex,

    The concept is to set up your main/money site (this could be a blog, article directory, e-commerce site, etc.) that will be your cash generator, and then use articles to promote your main/money site.

    If you are selling products, then your main site may just be a sales page with a sales message and order button. You would write articles that help promote your product/site and submit them to article directories.

    If your main site is information or content based (ie. blog, article directory), then you are probably going to have to monetize with contextual ads, and you may submit the same content on your main site to other article directories for link building. Alternatively you may write separate articles for submission.

    Most efficient/easiest way to get backlinks: blog commenting and leave your website URL behind :)

    What you have listed (article dir, forums, free ad, etc.) are all great, too. I like forums because whenever you participate you are also building reputation/post count/exposure to your site/product.

    Also, article marketing can be for 2 purposes – backlinks & readership traffic.

    Backlinks – write many articles and submit to as many article directories as you can, regularly, not all at once. Articles don’t have to be all that “great.”

    Readership traffic – maybe once a month write a really kick-ass article and submit to ezine publishers. Quality is more important than quantity in this case.

    Hope that helps,

  12. Hi Steve!

    I spent a while looking around your site and there are some
    great ideas. But like you say ideas are 10 a penny, but its
    when you combine the mind (idea) body (doing) and spirit
    (intention) that manifestation really starts to work.

    Do you think you could build a website (quite basic) within
    half a day and it make you a dollar a day on average from then on?

    What kind of marketing would you use, i mean which would you
    say is the most efficient way to create a site and leave it
    for a small passive automated income??

    publish content then monetize?
    Ebay affiliate?
    Selling a product?
    Review sites?

    Google has been clamping down on thin spammy sites recently
    and deindexing them. Even sites with relevant content. Your
    low hanging fruit method could be a victim of this? I dont
    know. Seems as though you cant be seen to be selling
    something. Also whats the probability of being on page #1 for the ‘allintitle’ keyword?

    Best Regards


  13. Steven Chang says:

    Hey Robin,

    All of these are all good:

    publish content then monetize?
    Ebay affiliate?
    Selling a product?
    Review sites?

    And I’ll give you an example of sites that I run for each of these types:

    publish content then monetize?
    I have many of these sites. Here is a spammy looking one that actually makes money (avg. $0.50/day, not much, but it pays for itself, and I don’t do anything to it anymore):

    The wedding articles are PLR articles that I purchased, so they are not exactly unique. I did some link building to it by commenting on blogs and leave my URL behind, and submitted the site to some directories.

    Ebay affiliate?
    I have a site (I set this up years ago following the instructions found on that pulls in eBay items (toshiba laptops):

    Content is automatically provided by eBay and it pulls in over 1,000 visits/month for toshiba related keywords. This site is also making money.

    Selling a product?
    Look at this site:
    Then search “make money on craigslist” on Google. This site makes about 10 sales/month. Traffic is passive as long as the ranking stays.

    Review sites?
    I don’t have any product review sites, but this is the purest form of affiliate marketing. I suppose you can say that my blog is a review site (from time to time I recommend a product or service). Yes, it’s true that this blog doesn’t seem to be selling anything, but remember I could send out an email to all of my subscribers at any time.

    I also want to stress – of all types of sites listed above, one common denominator is “content” Start producing good content (or hire people to produce content for you) and people will follow you, then you can sell to them.

    Regarding your comment on Google clamping down on spamming sites – if you play by the rules, you shouldn’t need to worry. MSN and Yahoo and also provide good traffic sources, so don’t ignore them. Besides, you should also be capturing your traffic/visitor so when indeed you got de-indexed you will still have a mailing list for traffic-on-demand.

    The probability of being on page #1 for the “allintitle” kewyord really depends on competitiveness.

    Hope that helps,

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